Concrete with Built-In Protection

Standard concrete absorbs water like a hard sponge. This can lead to issues when temperatures drop and the freeze-thaw cycle begins. Fortunately, today you can order water-repelling concrete. Just ask for Impede® IntraSeal concrete.

Why Impede® IntraSeal Concrete?

Sealing concrete by-hand is a powerful tool to prolong the life of existing concrete. Unfortunately, it’s also a time consuming maintenance task that has to be repeated every few years. Technology has evolved over the last 50 years, and now it’s possible to include an additive that performs this function. Impede® IntraSeal is added directly to concrete mix. As a result, it protects 100% of concrete and doesn’t require the time and labor of manual application.

Ask for IntraSeal!

Your contractor may not know about IntraSeal. Make sure you request it when speaking to a contractor, or when placing a concrete order!

Already Have Concrete?

Protect it with Impede® Repel

Impede® Repel is a premium, solvent based topical sealer that dries quickly and protects concrete surfaces. It doesn’t offer the same level of protection as Impede® IntraSeal, but it’s the next best thing!