Concrete with Protection Built In

Imagine offering your customers a superior product with built-in benefits for everyone! Impede® IntraSeal is proven to protect from the leading causes of concrete deterioration with minimal added cost or effort. Order it with your concrete directly from the ready mix producer and be confident that you are giving your customers the best product available.

By simply asking your customers if they would like to include Impede® IntraSeal in their concrete you can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce call backs
  • Provide a superior product
  • Save customers’ money in the future
  • Gain referral business
  • Build a reputation for quality, and set yourself apart from the competition!

Why Impede® IntraSeal Concrete?

The main cause of exterior concrete deterioration comes from damage caused by freeze thaw stresses, and chemical attack from deicing treatments. Air entrained concrete is critical to exterior concrete durability because of the stresses that occur when water freezes inside the concrete. But what if water could never penetrate the concrete in the first place?

In the past, contractors would need to return to the project, at a later date,  in order to be able to seal the concrete. Costs incurred by having to return at a later date include the cost of sealer, time to seal and prep the concrete, and the time to apply the sealer. After all of this, the only part of the concrete that is protected is the surface. This is okay to protect the concrete from deicing chemicals, but what about water intrusion? Concrete is a hard sponge, it readily absorbs water from wherever it can get it, that means from the top, bottom, and sides of the structure.

You can now order protection throughout the entire body of the concrete by adding Impede® IntraSeal, a proven, water repellent admixture directly from the ready-mix plant. For the same cost of treating the surface of the concrete, you can now offer customers complete protection.

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Save Time and Labor with Impede® IntraSeal

Exceed your customer’s expectations by giving them the built-in benefits of Impede® IntraSeal with every concrete project!

But My Customers Already Have Concrete!

Protect it with the next best thing: Impede® Repel

Impede® Repel is a premium, solvent based topical sealer that dries quickly and works deep within already-set concrete.

Offer your concrete customers the best protection money can buy from the Impede® family of premium concrete sealers.