Whitehouse, OH

New construction located in northwest Ohio with Impede IntraSeal protected driveway, porch and patio.

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Impede IntraSeal protected parking lot

Hillsdale County, MI

"We request to put Impede IntraSeal in all concrete we pour."

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Impede IntraSeal protected salt storage slab

Grand Rapids, MI

"This concrete saw very heavy use all winter long and had very abrasive salts used on it regularly. It has held up amazing! This is a true testament to the integral sealer Impede IntraSeal!"

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Impede IntraSeal new concrete parking lot

Great Lakes Concrete Supply

"With Impede® Intraseal in the mix the concrete finished really well. After finishing we noticed our tools cleaned up great too!"

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Impede IntraSeal concrete driveway

Waukesha, WI

"We are glad that our contractor told us about Impede IntraSeal! Our new driveway looks great and we love the idea of not having to seal it again!"

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Impede IntraSeal Street Project for Municipality 2

Holland Street Project

"If it were in the budget to redo all of our roads this year, Impede IntraSeal would be in every one of them."

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