“We request to put Impede® IntraSeal in all concrete we pour.”

Hillsdale County Employees

Hillsdale, MI

Hillsdale County employees complete a 200 yard parking lot project outside of the county courthouse. Impede® IntraSeal is included in the concrete.

“This concrete saw very heavy use all winter long and had very abrasive salts used on it regularly. It has held up amazing! This is a true testament to the integral sealer Impede® IntraSeal!”

Brian Carter

Brewer's City Dock

Finished slab floor of a rock salt municipal storage facility in Holland, MI.  Impede® IntraSeal is included in the concrete, and install was placed on top of the concrete within seven days.

“With impede® IntraSeal in the mix the concrete finished really well. After finishing we noticed our tools cleaned up great too.”

Great Lakes Concrete Supply

Flint, MI

Replaced parking lot at a concrete supply company. Impede® IntraSeal is the product of choice among professionals who are completing their own concrete projects.

Waterproof concrete Archbold, ohio

“If it were in the budget to redo all of our roads this year, IMpede® IntraSeal would be in every one of them.”

Holland Street Project

Village of Archbold, OH

A new section of road is paved next to Ruihley Park in Archbold, OH. The municipality chose to use Impede® IntraSeal in the project to help extend the service life of the concrete.

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Watch the testing video here to see Impede® IntraSeal in action!