RILEM Test Procedure

The RILEM test was developed to measure the effectiveness of water repellent admixtures, such as Impede IntraSeal. The procedure consists of adhering a 5 ml open-ended beaker, called a RILEM tube, to the concrete with putty ensuring a watertight seal. The water is allowed 1 hour to penetrate the concrete. After 1 hour, the water level is recorded to determine the amount of water that has penetrated the concrete.

RILEM Test Results

Initial Control

Impede IntraSeal

Control Initial RILEM test Impede IntraSeal RILEM Test
Control initial water 5ml full Impede IntraSeal initial water 5ml full

Control after 1 hour

Impede IntraSeal after 1 hour

Control RILEM Test Impede IntraSeal RILEM Test
After 1 hour, Control lost 2 ml of water to absorption. After 3 hours all water had penetrated the concrete. After 1 hour, Impede IntraSeal treated concrete has no water loss to penetration. After 7 days, still no absorption.